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A day visit with the Sayers Croft Trust opens the door to lots of possibilities for your class. Every visit is completely bespoke, and run by an experienced professional instructor. At the planning stage we will work with you to tailor a day to suit your needs. Whether you want a day full of adventure, to get your pupils outside and exploring, to meet specific curriculum outcomes, focus on the teamwork, confidence and resilience of your class, or a mix of everything, Sayers Croft have the perfect activities for you.  To see what other groups have been up to visit our photo gallery. For more information, please download our day visit information pack or contact us! 

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If you'd like to know more about what we do or any of the activities we offer use our contact form and we'll be in touch. Alternatively give us a call on 01483 275 541.




Hunt for minibeasts under logs, pond dip in our ponds, or use sweep nets in the meadows in summer. Take part in themed games linked to habitats, adaptation, movement and camouflage.


Study the similarities and differences between various habitats including still and moving water, woods and meadows and soil comparisons. Look at the adaptations and food chains of the inhabitants.


Play games linked to pollination, discover what plants need to grow and learn about growth from seed to flower.

Biology and Environmental Science

Develop investigative skills by designing, carrying out and evaluating ecological investigations such as habitat comparisons, trampling surveys and population surveys.


Fieldwork activities investigating river processes, land use comparisons, orienteering and contrasting locality studies.


Learn about what it was like to be an evacuee in the Second World War, discover our WWII history room or take part in our air raid experience. Alternatively travel further back in time and live life as an Iron Age Briton while trying to fend off the invading Romans!

Lot's Done

We've got a lot of experience across the board.

Annual Visitors

Further Information

Prices vary according to the length of visit, size of the group and the activities you wish to do. Bursaries may be available for individuals or groups with special educational needs - Please see our Special Educational Needs page for more details.

All safety and practical equipment is provided although you may be asked to copy worksheets and brings pencils on the day.

All activities are run by Sayers Croft members of staff who are fully trained, used to working with and managing groups of children and are First Aid trained.

Special Educational Needs

The Sayers Croft Trust has an extensive Special Educational Needs Programme supporting individuals, families and groups with a variety of physical, mental, social and financial difficulties. One of our main aims is to make all the facilities of Sayers Croft available to those who may otherwise be unable to access them due to physical, financial or social disadvantage.

SEN Visits